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Mil-Bar Plastics has been proudly serving the needs of Veterans, the military community and youth service-related organizations for over 50+ years. Certified by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Heraldry (Hallmark M39), Mil-Bar is one of only 33 U.S. approved manufacturers of military insignia products.  


Our Plastic Ribbon Bar Holders are approved for wear on Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard uniforms. And are sold at all military uniform and exchange stores worldwide; packaged and sold under the ‘Exchange Select Brand’.


Ribbon Mounting in a Snap!


Founded by a former Marine, John A. Murphy patented the very first Plastic Ribbon Bar Holder in 1958. His goal was to find new and useful improvements to the already existing military campaign ribbon bar holder. What transcended from Murphy’s design was a new innovative way of mounting ribbons. Ribbons now snap on/off with ease, cutting mounting time in half and putting an end to damaging and fraying of ribbons. – Making Ribbon Mounting a Snap!


Today, every single ribbon bar is engraved with the words ‘MIL-BAR’ continuing his legacy as the inventor of ‘The Original Multi-Plastic Ribbon Bar Holder’.


It’s Only an Original, When it Says ‘Mil-Bar’.


Mil-Bar remains dedicated to its patrons, providing the highest quality insignia products, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Our products always exceed Mil-Spec Standards and are among the best in the market.



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