U.S. Naval Sea Cadets

“...We saw some samples… they work great, the ribbons can clip on and off so less problems sliding them on and off etc. …they are very sturdy (you can even somewhat twist them far beyond what any reasonable wear or shipping or in your back pocket (grin) would cause) …and they don’t break. AND THE COSTS ARE BELOW THE METAL ONES… whether via our vendor or even at an exchange.”

-Jim Lukasiewicz LCDR, NSCC

Pearland High School, TX - ARMY JROTC

“Our cadets have never looked as professional as they do when they use the Mil-Bar Ribbon Mounts. A great solution for multiple JROTC ribbons. No comparison to metal ribbon mounts. The ribbons snap right in.There is a mount for any number of ribbons. Highly recommended for boosting any cadet award program.”

-Major (Ret) James Adams

Westhill High School, CT - ARMY JROTC

“The prompt and professional service provided by Mil-Bar makes them our #1 go to company for ribbon bars. Our cadets look sharper since using their product and it shows in our uniform inspection rankings.”

-SGM (R) Lance Finick

Rock Island High School, IL – AFJROTC

“Every time I have used MIL-BAR for our plastic ribbon rack holders I have been thoroughly pleased. Their service is outstanding and I never had an order that wasn’t right every time. Questions or concerns are always addressed promptly. It’s a pleasure doing business with them.”

-LTC Dave Jirele

Stonewall Jackson High School, VA – AFJROTC

“The turnaround (order/receive) for name tags has been less than four days… e-mail request same day ship on two occasions.....WOW." You have our business as long as I'm the instructor... “

-MSgt Robert P. McKinney

T.C. Roberson High School, NC – AFJROTC

“Flexibility and durability is key! Thin plastic is the way to go. Students destroy ribbon racks with backpacks. This is our first year using plastic racks, so far so good.”

-Anthony Kelly, SMSgt, USAF (Ret)

San Bernardino High School, CA– AFJROTC

“My Cadets and I love your product! Have you ever had to struggle with putting on your ribbons? The ribbon holders from Mil-Bar Plastics, make putting on your ribbons a piece of cake! It is so easy to use and my cadets don’t have to struggle with their ribbons anymore! The ribbon holders are made from high quality material and I would recommend this product to all units! It’s easy to place an order and the Customer Service is Outstanding!

-Romeo Obongen, MSgt USAF (Ret)