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Zero Space – Plastic Mounting Bars

Always in-Stock. Lowest Prices Guaranteed! (Holds 3-32)

1/8th  Space – Plastic  Mounting Bars

Fast & Easy Mounting! Cadets just love them! (Holds 3-32)

Metal – Zero Space Mounting Bars

Standard Metal Multiple Ribbon Mount (Holds 3-24)

Metal – 1/8th Space Mounting Bars

Light Weight & Durable (Holds 3-24)

Brass Mounts

Holds 1 -2 Ribbons


NEW – Great Replacement for Cardboard – Uniforms Look Sharp!


Quick & Easy Shopping with our Maxwell Payment Option

National JROTC Award Ribbons

One-Stop Shop for National Awards - Ribbon Replacement Only

Army JROTC Ribbons

Full Line of N-Series Ribbons all Manufactured all by Mil-Bar

Army SROTC Ribbons

NEW Senior ROTC Cadet Ribbons

School Ribbons

Assortment of 1-3/8 “ Ribbon Slides in your School Colors.

Air Force Ribbons

High Quality Ribbons Mfr. by Mil-Bar. In-stock – Ready to Ship

Army Ribbons

Certified by the US Army’s Institute of Heraldry

Ribbon Attachments & Devices

Attachments and devices for all Ribbons

National Award Drapes

NEW- National Award Drapes. 20+ Ribbons Drapes In-stock


Create your own Award Medal set. Mix & Match with any drape or medal

Army JROTC Drapes

Ready to Mount Drapes with a stronger jump ring to secure your medals.

Don’t lose a medal again!

School Drapes

Assortment of School Colors. Create your own personalized School Award

AF Blue Nameplates

Professionally Engraved In-House Fast Delivery!

AF Silver Nameplates

High Quality Nameplate Fast Delivery!

Army Black Nameplates

Professionally Engraved In-House Fast Delivery!

‘AFJROTC’ ABU Branch Nametapes

Available w/ Velcro Attachment or Sew-on Style.

ABU Custom Nametapes w/Velcro

Sold with both the hook and Loop fasteners

ABU Custom Sew-on Nametapes

Ready to be Sewn on any uniform

Arc Pins

NEW - High quality Pins – Shiny Gold! w/ Clutch Back Fasteners

E-Series Medals

NEW - Achievement & Eagle Medals in Gold, Silver & Bronze finishes.

N-Series Full Medal Sets

NEW Assembled Medal on Regulation Ribbon - Ready to Mount

N-Series Medals

NEW Lightweight Medals w/ stronger Jump Ring. Great for Any Awards Program!

Shoulder Cords

NEW Box Braid Shoulder Cords with Pin attachment or Button Loop Style


Incentive & Academic Awards

Metal Insignia

Shiny Bright Gold Military Insignia and Rank

ACU/OCP Insignia

Embroidered ACU/OCP Insignia will Hook Fastener


NEW - Great Replacement for Cardboard – Uniforms Look Sharp!

Brass Clutches

Sold in Bags of 100 - USA Made

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